Things you can do to Make Your House More Sellable (Part 2)

Things you can do to Make Your House More Sellable (Part 2)

As discussed in the part 1 of this article, there are a few things you can do that can help catch the eye of your potential buyer and even increase the chances of them buying your property. Although it may cost you just a little, these following things can definitely boost the possibility of your property being sold in no time at all.

Now although these things might already be enough to help you sell your property, there are still four more things you can do to be able to sell your property in no time at all.

Here are the following things you can do to increase the chances of you selling your property right away!

  • De-clutter

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Time to get rid of the things you do not need. Nobody really likes clutter around and although they may look really neat, if they are not needed or do not pass off as a proper house decoration, it may be time to throw away the clutter. Do not forget your backyard! Some people only declutter the places they often times use and leave out the places where they do not really use.

Re-arranging is also something you may want to do. Making sure that space is properly utilized and designed in a way that gives the house more breathing room may give the impression that your house is bigger than it seems! Re-arranging can be good for all the parts of your house from your living room to your kitchen.

  • Deep clean

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Once everything is de-cluttered and re-arranged, it is time to hire professional help or maybe throw in a couple more hours yourself to clean your home from head to toe! Although a bit tiring, you will see amazing differences once you are done with your deep cleaning and well, this does leave a very good impression to the potential buyers. Imagine if you were the buyer and walked into a property with dust everywhere, not an attractive experience right?

  • Pay attention to the basement

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This is very important because the basement has a very big pull on your potential buyers. If you have not fixed your basement while you were decluttering your house, you might want to look into your basement. Turning off a potential buyer just because your basement is dirty or a little bit too creepy is something you would never want to do.

Add some lights, have professional help in cleaning, and throw out the things you do not need! Who knows, with some extra furniture lying around, you may even be able to turn your basement into somewhere potential buyers can actually use as another room and not just a storage room.

  • Buy an inspection

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Although a lot of people do not want to spend this much, buying a professional inspection can tell you just what you have missed if you have missed anything and also increases your chance of potential buyers as you can even tell them that you had an inspection done you to make sure your property is in top notch quality the moment it is sold!

Things you can do to Make Your House More Sellable (Part 1)

Things you can do to Make Your House More Sellable (Part 1)

Selling your house based on value is easy if you are selling to somebody who is not so concerned about the details of the house but rather the value but selling to the direct users of your property, that would require a little fixing. There are things you can do that will help you attract buyers and who knows, you might be able to sell your house in no time at all!

Although selling your house the way it is might still attract buyers but it may take a while before somebody actually purchases your property. These following things are about making the house more attractive especially to people who plan to move in and not just invest in the property.

Here are the first four things you can do to make your house more sellable:

  • Fix the exterior
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First impressions are everything! Keeping your grass mowed, your bushes trimmed, and even snow off your property leaves a good first impression and it may even rake in possible buyers. Once people see the exterior of their house and it automatically attracts them, they will be in a positive mood when they inspect the interior of the house.

  • Add exterior lights
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Exterior lights will not cost you that much but you may be asking, why are they necessary? Possible buyers might want to drive by and inspect or imagine themselves in the house any time of the day. And a house that is seen well at night will look very attractive to the buyer’s eye. Invest in lights that can focus on the good parts of your exterior really bringing in the interested eye in to see the detail shown by the light’s proper placing.

  • Touch up on the paint 

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If you want to sell your house, you have to make it look brand new. Getting new paint and painting over the window panes or even the tiniest details that could actually mean a lot to the buyer are definitely a plus point.

Painting the interior of your house is also necessary as your paint may be a little too bright, personal, or even shocking. Painting the interior of your house into neutral colors like beige will give the buyers a perspective that your property is really sharp and looks a bit luxurious. You may be having doubts at first but when you finally get that paint job done, you will see the difference!

  • Focus on your front door 

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Now you may think that the door may not mean that much, but you are absolutely wrong! The front door is where the possible buyers will until you open the door and invite them in which makes the front door, the very first place they will keenly observe. Getting your doorknobs painted or getting rid of clutter and sweeping the dust off the front door would one again leave a very good impression.

How to Buy a House

How to Buy a House

Let us talk about the most basic purchase in real estate which is buying a house. Although some people may think that buying a house is as easy as one two three, there are actually seven steps which we want you to follow when buying a house.

  • Credit Score

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Knowing your credit score is something everyone should know especially before making a huge purchase. Buying a house requires a good credit score if you are planning on going to the bank and ask for a loan. Better loans are usually given to people with better credit score. If your credit score does not look too good, it may be wise to repair your credit score first before applying for a loan.

  • Budget

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Know your budget! Try not making a purchase that is more than three times what you make a year. This makes it easier to pay off in the long run. Owning a really nice house but being broke at the same time is not a good move to make. In the worst case scenarios, you may not even be able to pay your mortgage and that should result to catastrophic happenings.

  • Savings

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Do not go lower than a twenty percent capital for your property. Owning less than twenty percent of the total cost of the property would mean you would have to borrow a larger sum of money and that would always cause more problems later. The key is to have the least debt.

  • Searching

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Searching for the perfect house can either be a walk in the park or a nightmare. But as long as you know what you are searching for and you are financially ready to make a certain purchase, you should not have that much of a problem. Getting a real estate agent to help you out is something you should always do as they know exactly what they are doing.

  • Negotiating and making your contract

Although some people think that the first offer is always the final one, there can actually be terms which both of you can agree upon. Coming into terms for both the buyer and the seller allows flexibility for both and would definitely keep both at a very happy state when the purchase would be made.

Once the negotiation is done, the contract process should begin. Be sure to be very thorough with the contract as a lot of people do not fully read and understand and sure enough, it has cost them a lot of damage in the future.

  • Closing

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Closing is when you are signing all the necessary documents which are needed to transfer the property. Although it may be a bit tiring, do not fret! You are one more step away from finally moving into your new home!

Purchasing a house does not have to be that complicated and there are a few steps that will help you purchase your house in no time at all.

How to Rent an Apartment

How to Rent an Apartment

Renting an apartment can be either really complicated if you think about it or it can be really easy. Well, here is the thing, it is actually really easy but at the same time, there are a few things you have to watch out for. This process is applicable to both people who are looking into renting an apartment for a short period of time or a long period of time. Without further ado, let us start.

Here are what you must know before renting an apartment:

  • Know your credit score and income

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Renting without knowing how much you actually make or actually spend is something you should never do. Finding out your credit score can be a bit hard because some people do not have an existing credit score and thus limiting your options. But do not worry, not all apartments require a credit score.

Knowing your income is a different thing, do not rent an apartment that costs more than one-third than what you are making. Although it may be tempting or it may be a very good deal, you would not want to run into future problems when it comes to paying your rent.

  • Restrictions

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Coming into terms with the landlord of the apartment is very important because there may be things that you can not do without that just are not acceptable to the landlord and may cause problems later on in the future. For example, some apartments do not allow pets and if you own one, negotiating once you have already made the agreement will be a bit hard to do. It is better to come into terms before even renting the apartment to save yourself from having to undergo problems with your apartment later on.

  • Price, amenities, and location

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Imagine a triangle with the three tips at price, amenities, and location. Now usually you can only score two out of three but if you are lucky enough to get all three, good for you! Going back, to the triangle, prioritizing price should be the first move to make. Now learn to make a decision based on which weighs more. If the location is not that bad and the amenities are really neer, then that is a good decision.

  • Search

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Searching for the perfect apartment can be either really easy or very hard. Doing it yourself through manual search or through the internet is really good but sometimes real estate agents can be able to find better deals for you. It really depends on how good you are at searching for an apartment. Atleast with your criteria, you will be able to find the perfect apartment for you without having to go through the trial and error stage. Narrow down your search and find the perfect apartment faster.

  • Moving in

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Congratulations! You are finally ready to move in, now this is not part of the process of renting but we will talk about this anyway. Hiring a licensed moving company is something we would like to advice but if you are willing to do the manual labor, just make sure that you can trust the people who are helping you. Also, try your best to pay them for their labor even if they are your friends because this is the first good deed you will do in your newly rented apartment


Real Estate Investor: Retail Homes

Real Estate Investor: Retail Homes

As a real estate investor, your eyes have to be keen for the sweetest deals on the market. Having a keen set of eyes for this kind of deals can be considered a skill and like all skills, this can be trained. Finding the best real estate trainor is not that hard once you know what you are looking for, like most trainers, a certain level of skill is not just admired but also required for you to be able to learn. Although you can learn from everyone, both from their failures and success, looking for someone who has already experienced way more than you have is something you should be looking for.

Here are a few traits you can look for in the best real estate trainor:

  • Keen eye on deals

Having a keen eye on deals as discussed earlier is something you would want to watch out for. Learn from your mentor’s criteria on how to determine if a certain deal is a good deal or a bad one. Although some trainers may not have specific criteria on how to determine if a deal is good or bad, they surely have a certain angle on how to see things.

  • Thorough not emotional

As a beginner, thrill becomes everything. Sometimes we get too excited about things that end up making the beginner’s decisions heavily influenced by emotion. Although a gut feeling is important, it is not everything. Being thorough is just fair. If you are not able to become thorough, you might miss some details that may cost you a lot later on.

  • Persuasive

Ah, yes! Persuasion is always needed for sweet deals. Sometimes deals do not become attractive at first but with the right negotiation techniques, you might even be able to turn a bitter deal into one so sweet you would not believe it was actually possible.

Now, let us look at how the best real estate trainor looks at retail homes.

Retail homes are basically property in top condition and most likely liveable right away. But take away all the decor and focus on the necessary conditions of that property and you will find out that a buying a retail home is not that hard.

  • Wiring

One of the most important things to do is examine the wirings. Is the electricity working on all outlets? Is the wiring deteriorating or still in good condition. You can always have a technician help you check out the wiring.

  • Water

Plumbing can be very important since most rot and decay happen because of bad plumbing. Examine the pipes for any types of leaks or cracks.

  • Paint and condition

Good plumbing usually means that the condition of the house is good as well. Here’s a tip, check out the material on certain parts of the house. Cement does not have that much problems but wood and metal need to be examined for rust or rot. Sometimes, paint is used to cover small defects, be very thorough and find out the hidden defects should there be any.

  • Furniture is optional

Furniture is a plus point but sometimes retail homes tend to charge more because of all the furniture which some of them are not even needed. Sometimes optional, should you feel like the value of the furniture is not worth the additional cost, you may choose not to purchase.

A real estate investor has to be able to have the eye out for good deals. Learn more about real estate by reading our other articles.

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