Knowing the Value as a Real Estate Investor

The past, present, and future of any investment has a very big effect on if certain real estate investments are the best real estate investments there is. Without the past, present and future, we would not be able to calculate if the investment would either feed us or...

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Techniques of a Real Estate Investor

The best real estate investing techniques are actually not that hard and are very easy to remember whenever planning to make a real estate investment as a real estate investor. There are only four actions that make up a real estate investor which are buy, hold, rent,...

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Real Estate Investor: When to Invest

Over the years I have been investing and what most people do not see is it is not just about the right investment, but it is also about when is the right time to invest. If you have tried trading in the stock market, you probably know what I am talking about....

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How to find the best Real Estate Investor

This article is not just actually about finding the best real estate investor but also about being the best real estate investor. I take it that you already know what investing is and what an investor is so I will ask you directly, what makes the BEST real estate...

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