Knowing the Value as a Real Estate Investor

Knowing the Value as a Real Estate Investor

The past, present, and future of any investment has a very big effect on if certain real estate investments are the best real estate investments there is. Without the past, present and future, we would not be able to calculate if the investment would either feed us or cut off a limb or worse maybe even two limbs. Let us save ourselves from any future failures within our reach.

Here is why the past, present, and future are very important factors for any real estate investor:


The past is important, why? Because without the past, we will not be able to have any history or statistical evidence on how a certain kind of investment was performing. For example, you want to get in the car business. Without any data from the past, you will not be able to know which cars were mostly sold, which cars make you a lot of money, or even which cars performance are not that good and can put you within debt. The past also gives us not just the idea of the market but also the hard statistical data. For example, the PSP was one of the most top selling products when it came out but now, hardly anyone buys a PSP. Learning from the pasts trends, buying patterns, or even how prices appreciate or appreciate are very important especially when it comes to real estate. As a real estate investor, looking for the best real estate investments means studying from the past and learning from it is the first step you should make.


Keeping yourself updated with current events, current trends, and even existing competitors are just but a few reasons why the present is important. Look to the past, get the data, then compare your date to the present. A lot of people tend to overlook their possible competitions which is why they fail by not considering the possibility that the competition may be offering the better deals than you. Also, keep yourself updated in current events which affect the economy in a very direct way. For example, drought strikes in a certain location where crops are their primary source of income which will result to the increase of the prices of their crops because of the scarcity of the product. This also applies to real estate. As a real estate investor, try selling or buying a residential lot right in a residential place where crime is rampant and not dealt with. Not easy right? What if you were not updated with the current state of that place and bought that place with the plan to sell it again or even worse use it for yourself, it would most likely be a bad investment if the current state of that area is not dealt with.


Despite keeping an eye on the past and another on the present, keep your mind in the future. You may be able to look at the previous data and compare it to the current data but without a vision for the future, you will still not be able to make the best real estate investments. After all, an investment is not something you put your money in to make you rich on the spot. An investment is a form of trust in a certain business  or property with the vision that the value of that investment will grow over time and in the future will be a fruitful business. Of course we can never tell the future, which is why we must study the past and present to look for possible patterns we can use in envisioning the future.

Techniques of a Real Estate Investor

Techniques of a Real Estate Investor

The best real estate investing techniques are actually not that hard and are very easy to remember whenever planning to make a real estate investment as a real estate investor. There are only four actions that make up a real estate investor which are buy, hold, rent, and sell. These for actions could either make or break you with either positive results or sometimes even possible losses. Here is a few of the best real estate investing techniques.

  • Buy and Sell

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Buying and selling is way different from just brokering a sale because your money is involved which could be either a very good or a very bad thing for you depending on the investment you chose to invest in. There are a lot of stories of how people bought land by the hectares and decided to sell them out buy a cutout of a few hundred square-meters. This is really good to do if you have the capital for it because we all know that if you buy by the bundle, you will get a cheaper price. The only hard part about this is selling the individual lots, you must be able to have a very good sales strategy to achieve this.

  • Buy and Hold

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Remember that story of Las Vegas? How it used to be just a strip of sand in the desert but now is one of the most expensive land there is? Well, imagine buying a plot of land in Las Vegas right next to a casino and waiting maybe thirty years before selling. Imagine the exponential increase in value. If you can learn how to calculate and predict possible appraisals in land value, buying and holding is one of the best technique for you. This technique is best if you are not in the rush to sell your real estate investment any time soon.

  • Buy and Rent 

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There are some places where it is better to buy and rent out your property rather than buy and sell. For example, imagine buying through an auction a property in a growing commercial environment where the price of property is very expensive. Now imagine renting parts of that property out, you will have an automatic and steady source of income of course unless unforeseeable events may happen. Sometimes you have to weigh the choices whether it is better to sell the property one time big time, or go for consistency and having it as an asset for a longer period of time if not forever.

Learning the perfect techniques for the perfect property is a necessity if you want to be the best real estate investor. There are certain properties good for some techniques and some properties good for other techniques and it is up to you to discern which goes well with what property. Although this may take practice, you may still be able to do this with the right mindset, training, or even just the right principles and research. Be careful in investing but because it is not just the investment but also what you do with it.

Real Estate Investor: When to Invest

Real Estate Investor: When to Invest

Over the years I have been investing and what most people do not see is it is not just about the right investment, but it is also about when is the right time to invest. If you have tried trading in the stock market, you probably know what I am talking about. Sometimes if you invest in the right companies but at the wrong time, you may lose money.

Same goes for other investments and other business ventures. I won’t tell you the things you already know but I will try to help you realize that there are things you may have skipped but are actually really important and what you learn will tell you how to invest properly not just on being a real estate investor but also an investor in general. I have made an easy list of ways to know when it is the right time to invest in your certain investment


Most people always treat investments as a do or die situation. “If I do not invest in this now, I might never be able to”. There are certain investments which made people instantly successful by luck and we can equate this with winning a lottery but that is not your goal. Your goal is to be able to invest properly and when the time is right. If you are in debt and earn just enough to pay it off, do not loan a million dollars for a new big investment right away. Nobody likes failure but there are certain things we just can not foresee and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.


If you are too emotional about your investments, you may seem to be over positive and optimistic to the point of skipping certain details and important factors that may hinder your success later on. I am not telling you that you should by cynical, I am just saying that you should be realistic. If you do not know how to be safe in your investments, then you might not know how to invest properly.


Investing in something means making a commitment to that investment until it will work out or until it will yield positive results. Another common mistake of people is that they invest and when they hit a hindrance, they immediately want to pull out. If you were confident in your investment in the first place, you should know when you should pull out and when you should hold on tighter.


Sometimes the perfect investment came way too early for the market to adapt and this usually makes that investment fails by not being able to cope up. Being a pioneer is good but if you are not ready for the responsibility of introducing yourself to the market then it is probably not a good idea.

Of course, this does not just apply to the pioneering investments but also to those investments that have been in business for a while but are having a hard time with the market. Make sure the market is ready for whatever investment you plan to invest in.

These tips will ease off the pressure to invest right away and hopefully teach you how to invest properly.

How to find the best Real Estate Investor

How to find the best Real Estate Investor

This article is not just actually about finding the best real estate investor but also about being the best real estate investor. I take it that you already know what investing is and what an investor is so I will ask you directly, what makes the BEST real estate investor? There are a lot of factors that can make you the best real estate investor but let us focus only on the traits that will help you take control of yourself. You can never really change the situation around you but what you can change is your reaction to the situation around you. External factors may be very heavy but it is not impossible to counter or fix them with the right internal reaction. Here are some traits that can help you become the best real estate investor.

  • Be forty percent optimistic and sixty percent realistic

Some people are way too optimistic to do business that they end up investing in something that ends up pulling them down and affecting them in the end. Some people are also too realistic that they end up becoming cynical and not taking chance due to a little risk. The reason why you have to be forty percent optimistic and sixty percent realistic is that you need to when you are weighing your options and being realistic, you will need optimism for you to see the bigger picture. But at the same time, if you are too optimistic, even if reality is telling you that it is not a good investment, because of your optimism, you might go for it and yes there are some cases in which they end up okay but most cases do not end up with a happy ending. Be realistic but do not forget to fuel yourself with optimism to make sure you do not forget the bigger picture.

  • Respect your failures and mistakes 

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Respecting your failures and mistakes means respecting yourself, you will never be able to fully learn from your mistakes until you say to yourself “Okay, that was a bad move. What did I do wrong?” Another thing people do is they become too hard on themselves when they commit a mistake shattering their confidence and making them even more afraid of failure. Remember what is listed in the first trait and do not forget to still be forty percent optimistic.

  • Do not fake confidence 

    Best Real Estate Investor

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Some people pretend to be confident by having to push to everyone that they made the right decision and therefore not listening to anyone’s thoughts and opinions on your investment. Of course, you have to pick who you should listen to because taking in the wrong feedbacks might have a negative effect on you. Listen to the people who you think are the best real estate investors. There is no shame in thinking someone is better because we are all playing a different game but that does not mean do not learn from others.

There are so many other traits that can help you become the best real estate investor but I feel like these traits are most often taken for granted. Become the best by becoming yourself, unlock your potential and believe in yourself. My material contains a lot more lessons in detail on how to become the best real estate investor. Check them out and start becoming the best today.

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