A lot of people think that there has to be this perfect platform wherein you can train your skills as a real estate investor. If you are still asking where to train real estate, well the answer is simple, you can look at everything as a form of training. Even conversation! Yes, although hard to believe, talking with other real estate investors usually help you improve and also serve as a training for you.

Still, have a hard time picturing out how conversations are where to train real estate?

Well, here’s how:

  • Investing in a good conversation

    Where to Train Real Estate

Investing in a good conversation means picking the people who you should converse with. Everyone has something to say but the sad part is that not everything people say are useful. Although it is nice to get to know other people, some people just do not have a positive effect on your growth as a real estate investor.

  • Trust

    Where to Train Real Estate

Gaining someone’s trust is really hard especially when it comes to their money. Do not be nosey and demand their trust. Instead, earn it! Once you know how to make people trust you, you will turn your reputation around! People will want to be friends and be connected to you. This is not just a training but this is also a practice that you should adopt. Do not start with getting them to trust you with their money right away. Instead, get them to trust you as a person.

  • Plan

    Where to Train Real Estate

Establish a plan for your relationship. “I want to be a good friend.” “I want to be a good business partner.” These are two different things and although it is nice to have a good friend who is a good business partner, it is kind of hard to have these two coexist. Yes it is possible and it is also so much beneficial but in the case that it is not, you will have to choose which would you rather pick.

  • Value

    Where to Train Real Estate

The best investment you can ever make is people. Once people trust you and believe in you, you will reach so much farther than you already are. As a training, learn to value people as well and later on, see how that value reciprocates and affects not just them but also you. Spreading positivity usually results in positivity coming back to you. You reap what you sow and it is better to reap a good dead than a bitter friendship.

Although these are very basic and simple training, they have a huge pull on you and your career as a real estate investor. Being a real estate investor does not just involve buildings, land, and property value but being a real estate investor involves people. Clients, friends, and partners are things that are essential to not just your growth but also your success. So to answer the question “where to train real estate?” The answer is training in conversations.