Yes, we all know selling a rehab home tends to be a bit hectic and frustrating starting from the point wherein you are just scouting for the perfect house up until buying it, renovating it, and selling it to another prospective buyer who may hopefully buy it at a higher price that you have valued it on. ‘

Here at Home Hunter Academy of Nicholas Haley, we will always be welcome in helping you on how to make it big in the real estate world by giving you helpful tips on how to properly look for the perfect house to buy, how to reconstruct or renovate it, and most especially how to gain a large amount of profit from it. So before you sell your house, let us remind you what are the important Dos and Don’ts when it comes to selling your rehab home towards the prospective buyers:

  • Do give it a fresh coat of neutral paint

Since this is a new house, you may think that you can just slather on any paint, heck, you might even consider just buying the cheapest paint you can get your hands on. However, to guarantee that you will be able to sell your rehab home, even when it comes to details for the interior such as the color of the paint becomes an important aspect. How? Painting a bright orange for the living room might turn off most prospective buyers, but if you will paint the whole house with neutral colors, you will have more chances of selling it as neutral colors give this illusion of a blank canvas that these prospective buyers themselves can imagine customizing it according to their own preference.

  • Don’t leave any personal belongings

Leaving any traces of personal belongings from the previous owners may give the impression to the prospective buyers that you could possibly be not ready enough to let go of the house yet. As a real estate investor, you want to make them imagine that this house can be their own starting from the first step they take upon entering the house.

  • Do fix the broken doorknobs and broken windows

These may be tiny things for you, however, even the tiniest detail such as a faulty doorknob or a cracked window may turn off your prospective buyers. Fixing doorknobs and windows will not cost you much, invest a little money in it.

  • Do hold an open house

You will need to hold an open house for prospective buyers. In this way, you will be able to show them around the house and introduce to them the wonderful utilities and features of the room that they just might like. In this way as well, if a prospective buyer may not find the house fit for their needs and wants, he or she might know a family member, friend or colleague who might take it instead, which means you will be saving a lot of time doing some extra advertising.