Besides the free HomeHunter Academy membership, I also have advanced training for those who want to take their investing to a whole other level!  In the HomeHunter University, we go much more in-depth on how to market for homes from strangers, and you get far more opportunities to make money – including riding along with me on my appointments and even partnering with me on deals!

Each month, we meet for a private dinner and spend the whole evening hanging out and troubleshooting any obstacles you may be facing – Cashflow games are setup too for those who want to play!  We also have monthly mastermind group coaching calls, and a monthly newsletter with even more advanced training.

Look, if you’re looking for the best one-on-one mentorship training in real estate investing, then you really need to get in this inner-circle!  But it’s only available to members of the HomeHunter Academy – So if you’re not already a member of the Academy, go ahead and SIGN UP NOW – It’s FREE!