As a real estate investor, you may be wondering at times on how to properly take care of your property’s maintenance. Should it be your sole responsibility as the landowner and thus should always be on-call should there be any leaks, damages, errors, and cracks? Or should the tenant also play a significant role in helping to maintain the property in tip top shape?

Here at Home Hunter Academy by Nicholas Haley, we will be helping you in breaking down the entire process on how your tenant and you as a landlord should work hand in hand in making sure that your property’s maintenance is well-taken care of at all times.

  • What are the certain responsibilities of the landlord?

    It is needless to be stated that one of the utmost priorities and responsibilities of the landlord is making sure that the rental property coincides with the Landlord-Tenant Law.

  • Guarantee safety

    The Landlord-Tenant Law seeks to protect the residing tenants’ health and safety at all times. You, as the landlord, should see to it that there is enough security within the property and for guaranteed measures, you should install CCTV cameras around the property, making sure it is set in strategic places so you can monitor who went in and out of the property should there be any unfortunate events or tragedies.

  • Provide a place for proper garbage disposal

Aside from that, it is also the responsibility of the landlord to provide a place wherein the residing tenants can dispose of their garbage properly, somewhere inside the compound but far enough to keep away the stench that may spread through the tenants’ rented house/apartment. You should also make sure that the trash will be collected every week to maintain cleanliness and the freshness of the air as much as you can for when bags of trash are kept in a place for a long time, it may start to affect the health of your tenants.

  • Provide utility water

It is obvious that it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide running water that can reach and provide water towards the utilities wherein it is much needed, such as the sinks, toilets, and showers. Being unable to provide for your tenants’ basic needs could result in future problems and unnecessary lawsuits.

  • Follow the building codes

Following the building codes is not only meant for the protection of the tenants themselves, it was also meant for you as a landowner. Some common circumstances wherein it is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that these issues are well taken care of are: neutralization of carbon monoxide levels wherein high levels of this will affect the tenants’ health, structural safety of the building, issues with a faulty pipeline wherein plumbing work needs to be done, and pest infestations wherein exterminators should be hired.

  • Maintain the property’s basic utilities

These basic utilities could mean installing proper lighting along the hallways, gates, backyard, front yard, and parking lot. You have to make sure that none of the lights will bust out and left unattended, if they are, they should be replaced right away to ensure safety for your tenants.