Venturing into the real estate is an exciting experience as it opens up your mind to new tactics and ways to earn money by socializing with people, finding out what they need or want and serving it up to them on a silver platter if you may. Everyone is either looking for a new or a more comfortable abode they can settle into for either a short or a long amount of time, depending on their need, and this is where you, a real estate investor, come in.

Here at Nicholas Haley, where you are encouraged to train as a real estate investor, we will freshen up your minds with ideas and options for real estate investment.

  • Renting an apartment

One way to always earn money annually and maybe even weekly is through leasing an apartment to your e tenants. Compared to its obvious counterpart which involves selling houses, you can continue on earning money from it as long as you want whereas in selling houses it has a fixed timeline and a fixed price point bound by a contract. If earning money constantly and consistently is your goal as a real estate investor, then leasing apartments is for you.

  • Fixer-upper homes

Fixer upper homes, as what we have discussed here for a few times in our blog at Nicholas Haley, is a real estate investment wherein you take in a house that needs a bit of tinkering with. By tinkering, it means an improvement of small details such as a new wall paint, carpet or flooring, it may also involve replacement for the old doorknobs or broken glasses. It does not have to cost much but your goal here is to make it look more appealing to prospective buyers than it initially did.

  • Retail Homes

Retail homes are the type that needs almost too little to no changes at all as it only requires for it to be sold right away to a prospective buyer. These are the type of homes that are usually sold in a rush due to varying reasons from its previous owners such as moving out of the state or out of the country and maybe even moving onto a better house.

  • Rehab Homes

Rehab homes involve more challenge but it also is the best way where you can train as a better real estate investor. It may cost a lot more than the previous options but the mere idea of flipping  a drab of a house into something a lovely couple can imagine growing their families in is a sweet of an idea in itself.