Selling a house is definitely the most basic part and the starting point of becoming a real estate investor. The goal is to be able to find the right buyer, get paid according to the agreement settled with and to be able to earn a huge profit from the deal itself. However, what some real estate agents or investor faced with is the problem of not being able to sell the house as soon as they possibly can. Some may take a few months to a couple of months and then to a year and that can be extremely frustrating on your part as you just want to get on with it, and the dreaded part may come wherein you might just settle for a lesser price out of exhaustion from trying to sell it for a long time.

  • Improve the house

Trying to sell a tattered house will just end up with you having to sell it at a much lower price. If you want your selling price to be higher, add some improvements to your house such as a new flooring, new set of carpet and even repainted walls for a fresher look. If there is a leaking in the roof, you might want to fix this as well to avoid any complaints or problems in the future. Do not neglect little things such as a new doorknob if one of them is faulty and replace blinds if they need to be changed or if it has turned yellowish already. Aside from interior improvements, you might as well not forget the exterior design of your house, and that includes your curb, the landscaping of your garden and your front lawn, make sure that the exterior itself is appealing to definitely lure in prospective buyers.

  • Compare prices among the nearby properties and settle with a realistic price

It is inevitable if another house property is being sold in the neighborhood, therefore, you have another competitor. By looking up at business listings wherein you will be able to find properties near you that are being sold online, you will be able to determine which ones are selling fast and which ones are not if you just spend a bit of time observing the changes in the properties. You will notice which ones are sold already once they are removed from the business listing or if they have been indicated as sold. By studying other prices, you will get an idea on how much you should sell your property for, however, it is important for you not to settle for just any price, settle with one that is according to the value of your property, you can sell it at a higher price if you want, but definitely not for a lower one.

  • Advertise your house online

Simply putting up a “For Sale” in big bold letters outside your house is not just enough. With the age of advanced technology wherein information is just at the tip of your fingertips: a tap on your smartphone or one click away from your laptop, prospective buyers will look for properties online. Put up your house in business listings, you can even create a montage of photos or a video of a home tour all around the house. Prospective buyers will definitely be encouraged once you do this.

  • Make sure your property is ready for showcase anytime

Whether day or night, your house has to look appealing. During daytime, it is quite easier to showcase your house from the outside as people can easily see it. However, it is a different scenario at night wherein you have to turn on the front light so it can still garner attention from prospective buyers driving by at night by coincidence. If it is possible, hold an open house and invite all the potential buyers and even the neighbors, they might just spread the news of an available house for sale to their family, friends, and colleagues.