A fixer-upper home may not be your first choice by the first glance—it would look boring, bland, unexciting, lifeless without any potential and at worse, may look like it would not be the right placed to raise a family or become your own personal space. However, a real estate investor has the marketing skills needed and the right creativity and imagination to see the potential of what was once thought as a stale and drab of a house.

With the right treatment, preparation, repairs as well as maintenance, the best real estate investor can transform a fixer-upper home into a breathtaking property you cannot wait to get your hands on to seal the deal. Here are tips from a real estate investor on how to sell a fixer-upper home:

Evaluate the property

Best Real Estate Investor

Take a step back, observe the property and try to assess the situation by putting yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer by asking yourself the following questions “What would I look for in a house?”, “If I was a prospective buyer, would I want to buy this house?”, “If I had all the resources, what would be the changes and upgrades I want to do in this property?”, and lastly, “How can I make this property marketable?”

By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to gain a perspective of a prospective buyer and can begin to establish ways on how to sell the property fast and easy.

Fix parts of the home, even the tiniest detail

Best Real Estate Investor

Whether it’s the need to replace the broken glass window, remove the existing damaged flooring and replacing it with a new and a better one or whether it’s the need to paint a certain part of the room with a fresh coat of paint, house upgrades are important. However, you must avoid disregarding to fix the tiniest details as well, make sure the faulty doorknobs will be replaced with new ones or even by little things such as making sure the carb is clean and the surrounding lawn is properly mowed regularly. The smallest of details speaks a multitude of your values and discipline as the best real estate investor.

Get a professional photographer

Best Real Estate Investor

At the age of technology where everyone has a smartphone and can take photos anytime, anywhere, you may think that you can take photos yourself for the business listings but unless you’re a professional photographer or you have the skill to take architectural photography, leave this job to a professional instead. A professional photographer can find the right angles, stage the photo to make it appealing and marketable—further leaving a good impression on the prospective buyers.

Promote the home

Best Real Estate Investor

Simply putting up a “For Sale” signage outside the property is not enough, you need to find other ways to let people know such as posting it on your social media accounts, creating a business listing and sending it to your friends, families, and colleagues. The more ways you can get the word out, the more possibilities of reaching out to the prospective buyers.

Hopefully, by following these 4 simple steps, it will be your leverage to be able to market and sell your fixer-upper home fast and easy which will help you in becoming a better real estate investor.